Parvilucifera infectans

Super Group: 
Norén et Moestrup
Potential : Parvilucifera sinerae


Diagnosis_species: Alveolate endoparasite in dinoflagellates. Motile cells with two unequal flagella arising from the anterior part of the cell. The two flagella orthogonal, arising close together. Cells with few-membered conoid. Sporangium formed inside the host and covered by small spicules (processess). Each sporangium produces numerous swarmers.
zoospore has open conoid, rhoptry, and microneme-like structures root.

Body_spores_length: 4 µm
Body_spores_width: 1-1.5 µm


parvus (Latin), small lucidus (Latin) shining, referring to the small refractile zooids; infectans (Latin), that infects.

Type species

This is the type species (holotype) of the genus Parvilucifera

Type illustration / Type locality / Type specimen

Type_illustration: Fig. 2 from Noren et al. 1999, Europ. J. Protistol. 35, 233-254, from material originally collected at Kristineberg Marine Research Station on the Swedish West Coast in October 1996.


Substrate_spores: planktonic
Substrate_sporangium: sediment
Substrate_trophont: endophytic

Sociability_spores: solitary
Sociability_trophont: solitary
Sociability_trophont: gregarious
Sociability_sporangium: solitary

Salinity: marine
Salinity: variable (estuary)
pH : neutral

Life cycle

Lytic cycle, zoosporic parasite. Sporangia are long-term resistant stages, that can be cryopreserved or store in the fridge.

Generation: <1 month
Reproduction_mode: asexual
Resting_stage: sporangium_asexual

Symbiont: horizontal_active-penetration

Feeding behaviour


Mode of locomotion

Zoospores with two flagella

Attached phylogeny

Observation site(s)


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Association with... Region origin Name of site In reference...
Akashiwo sanguinea Penzé estuary
Akashiwo sanguinea Rance estuary
Alexandrium fundyense Kristineberg Marine Research Station
Alexandrium minutum Penzé estuary
Alexandrium minutum Rance estuary
Alexandrium ostenfeldii Penzé estuary
Alexandrium ostenfeldii Kristineberg Marine Research Station
Alexandrium ostenfeldii Rance estuary
Alexandrium pacificum Penzé estuary
Alexandrium pacificum Rance estuary
Alexandrium tamarense Kristineberg Marine Research Station
Alexandrium tamarense Penzé estuary
Alexandrium tamarense Rance estuary
Alexandrium tamutum Penzé estuary
Alexandrium tamutum Rance estuary
Dinophysis acuminata Skagerrak A
Dinophysis acuminata Kristineberg Marine Research Station
Dinophysis acuminata Skagerrak B
Dinophysis acuta Skagerrak B
Dinophysis acuta Kristineberg Marine Research Station
Dinophysis acuta Skagerrak A
Dinophysis norvegica Skagerrak B
Dinophysis norvegica Kristineberg Marine Research Station
Dinophysis norvegica Skagerrak A
Dinophysis dens Kristineberg Marine Research Station
Diplopsalis sp. Kristineberg Marine Research Station
Gonyaulax spinifera Penzé estuary
Gonyaulax spinifera Rance estuary
Gymnodinium aureolum Rance estuary
Gymnodinium aureolum Penzé estuary
Heterocapsa triquetra Rance estuary
Heterocapsa triquetra Kristineberg Marine Research Station
Heterocapsa triquetra Penzé estuary
Kryptoperidinium foliaceum Rance estuary
Kryptoperidinium foliaceum Penzé estuary
Prorocentrum micans Kristineberg Marine Research Station
Protoperidinium brochii Kristineberg Marine Research Station
Protoperidinium divergens Kristineberg Marine Research Station
Protoperidinium pellucidum Kristineberg Marine Research Station
Scrippsiella acuminata Penzé estuary
Scrippsiella acuminata Rance estuary
Scrippsiella trochoidea_STR1 Penzé estuary
Scrippsiella trochoidea_STR1 Rance estuary
Scrippsiella donghaienis Penzé estuary
Scrippsiella donghaienis Rance estuary
Tripos muelleri Skagerrak A
Tripos muelleri Skagerrak B
Tripos sp. Kristineberg Marine Research Station