Hematodinium-species complex

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Hematodinium-species complex


Diagnosis_Genus: The generic characters of Hematodinium are the amphiesmal structure of the pellicle, the condensed and beaded chromatin that forms V-shaped configurations of the chromosomes, the plasmodial nature of the meront, the continuous state of mitotic activity in the nucleus and the type of mitosis exhibited (dinomitosis) (Chatton & Poisson 1931, Newman & Johnson 1975, Cachon & Cachon 1987). Parasitic dinoflagellates responsable for the bitter crab syndrome (BCS, Meyers et al. 1987), named because of the bitter or astringent flavour the parasite imparts to cooked crab meat. Crabs infected by this parasite exhibit a spectrum of disease ranging from asymptomatic carriage to death. Affected hosts undergo dramatic pathological alterations to their organs, tissues, and haemolymph. Respiratory dysfunction results in lethargy, and eventual death.

Diagnosis_Species: SSU and ITS allows the separation of two species: H. perezi (called Clade A) and a undescribed species called Hematodinium sp. Clade B. Both species are coufounded by classical microscopic techniques. When molecular characterization is absent, the parasite is included in a larger group regrouping at leats these two species (Hematodinium-species complex).


Type species

The type species of this genus is H. perezi Chatton & Poisson 1931


Substrate_trophont: endozoic
Substrate_trophont: extracellular
Substrate_spores: planktonic

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Ampelisca agassizi
Ampelisca vadorum
Ampelisca verrilli
Byblis serrata
Callinectes similis Wassaw Sound estuary
Callinectes similis St. Simons Island
Cancer borealis Off New Jersey
Cancer irroratus Off New York
Cancer pagurus Sein
Cancer pagurus Ouessant
Cancer pagurus
Cancer pagurus Boulogne
Cancer pagurus Portsall
Cancer pagurus Groix
Cancer pagurus
Cancer pagurus
Cancer pagurus
Cancer pagurus Roscoff
Carcinus maenas
Carcinus maenas Penpoull
Carcinus maenas Bassin d'Arcachon
Pérez (1905) Microsporidies parasites des crabes d'Arcachon. Bulletin de la Station biologique d'Arcachon 8ème année:1-22.
Libinia emarginata Wassaw Sound estuary
Liocarcinus depurator Luc-sur-Mer
Liocarcinus depurator Banyuls-sur-mer
Melita dentata
Necora puber Morbihan Quiberon Bay
Paralithodes platypus western Kamchatka shelf
Scylla serrata
Trapezia areolata Queensland
Trapezia cymodoce Queensland
Harpinia propinqua
Casco bigelowi
Leptocheirus pinguis
Ameroculodes edwardsi
Protohaustorius wigleyi
Phoxocephalus holbolli
Rhepoxynius epistomus
Unciola irrorata
Ovalipes ocellatus Off New York
Dyspanopeus sayi Wassaw Sound estuary