FAO Species Catalogue vol.10. Gadiform Fishes of the world

TitleFAO Species Catalogue vol.10. Gadiform Fishes of the world
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsCohen, DM, Inada, T, Iwamoto, T, Scialabba, N
Series TitleFAO Species Catalogue
Number of Pages453

This is the tenth issue in the FAO series of worldwide annotated and illustrated catalogues (synopses) of major groups of organisms that enter marine fisheries. It includes all gadiform

fishes (order GADIFORMES - cods, hakes, grenadiers, moras, moray cods, pelagic cods, codlets and eucla cods), comprising 8 families, 59 genera and more than 180 species, which contributemore than a quarter of the world’s marine fish catch. Keys are given to the families, subfamilies and genera, with a glossary of technical terms and measurements, and a review of major literature sources within each FAO fishing area. Genera and species are diagnosed, with drawings, scientific and vernacular names, information on habitat, biology, fisheries and distribution (with map); reference is also made to subspecies and to any taxonomic or other problems. The occurrence of the species within the FAO fishing areas is tabulated. All scientific names still applied to gadiform species are given in the synonymies, and these as well as the vernacular names are indexed; there is also a complete bibliography of all literature cited